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The history is changing. China is also entering the era of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. We finally realize many drugs in the market do not perform the efficacy they have claimed thus leaving the national reimbursement system such a heavy burden. Therefore, demand for more efficacious and affordable therapies has never been greater. The tedious bridging work from scientific innovation to commercial therapeutical biologics calls for reliable and innovative CDMOs. But few are existing.

Canton Biologics is a young start-up company with a young enthusiasm team. It has been founded by those who graduate from world leading culture research labs and those who worked decades at national and international biotech and CDMO companies. Our vision is to become the ideal CDMO that is fully reliable, providing our clients with time and cost-efficient services, and constantly contribute to biotech industry with innovative technologies. Therefore, we have built a 2000 m2 pilot plant (Crete) and a 12000 m2 manufacturing site (Kunlun). We have also recruited and trained an experienced operation team. And we are operating with not only international regulatory and cGMP requirements, but also our business ethics. Further expansion is undergoing to meet the growing market demand.

We grow up with stories and so does Canton Biologics. Those stories that really matters become history. In today’s fast developing era, there is something that we were, we are and we will hold on. It is the pride to provide all our customers, no matter big pharma or small biotech, with upmost satisfaction through superior service and compliance. We believe our work meant something and our story will stay with us. Together with our clients, we wish our stories will become part of the biotechnology history.

Xiao Shen, PhD.

CEO of Canton Biologics

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