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Canton Biologics

Canton Biologics Co., Ltd. is an International biologicals CDMO company founded by a group of Chinese returnees at Guangzhou international Biological Island in January 2016, The company has been rewarded both National High-tech Enterprise, and Guangdong Pearl River Talents Team. Our company founder Dr. Shen Xiao himself has also been entitled as "Guangzhou Development Zone and Entrepreneurship Talent" in 2019.

12000m² Commercial Manufacturing Site

Canton Biologics currently holds various of engineered cell lines operates 4 technical platforms covering: cell culture development, upstream and downstream development,  bioanalysis assay development and formulation process development to support custommer's biologics development stage projects. In the meantime, the company are also running manufacturing capabilities ranging from QC assay validation & release, pilot and commercial manufacturing. We have so far offered CDMO services for multiple domestic and international biopharmaceutical companies covering monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, recombinant proteins and natural proteins projects. We have gained our credibility through project management and efficient project delivery domestically and internationally.

Canton Biologics currently operate several operating sites including:

● Guangzhou CDO: total lab space 3,600m², offering services from sequence optimization to cell line development, upstream and downstream process development, bioanalysis assay development and formulation development services;

● Berlin site: operated under FyoniBio GmbH, total lab space 800m², offering cell line development, upstream and downstream process development, bioanalysis assay development and clinical biomarker analysis services;

● Foshan manufacturing site: manufacturing space 12,000m²,compliance with cGMP standard for pilot(50L, 200L, 500L) and commercial scale maunfacturing(2*2000L single used bioreactors) services;

● Shenzhen CDO site: lab space 3,600m², offering bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell protein expression process development as well as plasmid and lentiviral vector and process development services;

  • RighInfo002228-img2.jpg2000m² Protein Raw Materials and Medical protein Production Site
  • 3600m² Process Development Site

Our Journey

  • 2021

    ● 3600㎡ CDO lab space added in Guangzhou
    ● 12000㎡ manufacturing site in operation
    ● Order>100M CNY
    ● Closed B round investment
    ● Completed acquisition of FyoniBio GmbH in Germany
    ● Team: 250 employees

  • 2020

    ● 1st overseas order
    ● Team: 130 employees
    ● Closed A+ round investment

  • 2019

    ● 2000㎡ CDO lab
    ● Team: 100 employees
    ● Awarded "Guangzhou Development Zone Leading Entrepreneurship"

  • 2018

    ● 2000㎡ pilot manufacturing site in operation, service scope extended to "from CLD to IND"
    ● 1st DNA to IND order
    ● Team: 45 employees
    ● Awarded "National High-tech Enterprise"
    ● A round investment

  • 2017

    ● Solely focused on biologic CDMO business
    ● Team: 25 employee
    ● Awarded Guangdong Province "Pearl River Talent Team for Hi-tech Start-up Company"
    ● Pre-A round investment

  • 2016

    ● 400㎡ lab space, Started to offer animal cell culture and protein expression services
    ● Team: 10 employee
    ● Seed round investment

  • 2016.1

    ● Established in Guangzhou Bio-Island, Guangzhou



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