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Talent Recruitment

The international environment within Canton Biologics has attracted global talents from 7 different countries (including theUnited States, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and others) to join.  Proudly, Canton Biologics has also been grantedthe fame of National high-tech Enterprise and > 50% employees hold MS andPh.D. degrees. Graduates from Oxford University, ETH, California Institute ofTechnology, Sun Yat-sen University, University of Science and Technology ofChina,  Hong Kong University of Scienceand Technology and other top universities already joined Canton Biologics and arecreating value for the society.

Your Gains:
1、Corporate culture and compliance training
2、Comprehensive experimental skills training: covering a variety of biological in vitro/in vivo experimental skills in biotechnology
3、Training for automated instrument operation
4、Trainings for drug development process
5、Communication and management skills trainings
6、Cross-functional training and rotation
Career Development:
1、We help you quickly grow into a biological andtechnical expert and familiarize yourself with the key aspects of drugdevelopment through systemic trainings
2、Through courses and training in the job, youwill gain a deeper understanding of all compliance issues related to CDMO and drugdevelopment as a whole
3、Regardless of your past academic records, a performance-basedrewarding and incentive plan will accelerate your career development
4、Discover your management potential and leverageyour professionalism, dual development tracks (management and technical) will lightyou up during your career development

* All qualified candidates can apply, regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, etc.


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